When we talk about the most sacred mosques all around the world, Masjid Al Aqsa comes to our mind after Masjid Al Haram and Masjid Al Nabwi. It was the second Masjid built on the earth. After the 40 years when the Ka’ba was built in Makkah, Masjid al Aqsa was constructed.

Masjid Al Maqdis is another name of Masjid Al Aqsa. In the hearts of Muslims, this mosque, i.e., Masjid Al Aqsa has a very special place. The potential reason is that it has a unique as well as rich history. There are lots of things which are associated with this mosque and are discussed later here. The vitality of this mosque can be realized by the fact that our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) prohibited Muslims from traveling to any other destination for sake of worship except these three: Mosque of mine, Masjid Al Haram, as well as Masjid Al Aqsa.

It is the blessed Masjid as well as the huge one which has the size of approximately 144,000 square meters. This vast masjid covers almost 1/6th of the old city of Jerusalem and can accommodate 500,000 worships at a time in it, with the utmost ease. The name of the masjid translates factually ‘The Farthest Mosque’. The wider masjid compounds include four minarets and seventeen gates, a dome made up of rock, and the local community calls it Al-Haram Ash-Shareef. It means ‘The noble Sanctuary’.


History of Masjid Al Aqsa

When Masjid al Aqsa was constructed, it wasn’t as huge as it is at the present age. There was a small prayer house instead of it initially. In 705 CE, Umayyad Caliph Abd Al-Malik along with his son rebuilt it with the intention to make it bigger. In 746, an earthquake eradicated the mosque. In 1033, it was reconstructed. Several ruling dynasties of the Islamic Caliphate made additions to the masjid and its inside compounds.

Why is Masjid al Aqsa so important to Muslims?

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  The nightly journey of Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)

Every Muslim is well aware of the fact that Allah Almighty once took our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAWW) to the Masjid al Aqsa and a voyage of Heavens one night. Due to this incident, this masjid retains a lot of significance for the Muslims.

 The first ever Qiblah for Muslims

In the beginning, the Muslims were not commanded to pray facing towards the Ka’ba; they used to pray facing the Masjid al Aqsa. This practice continued for a very long period, i.e., the almost seventeenth month of Hijra. After that, the Muslims were commanded to pray facing towards Ka’ba. So, this masjid is known to be the first ever Qiblah for Muslims.

Qiblah for Muslims

  Situated in Prophets land

Palestine is known to be the land of Prophets for the reason that it was the home of several Prophets. Palestine is honorable for the Muslims as various Prophets also traveled there for preaching Islam. There are some graves of Prophets which includes Ishaq, Yaqoob, and Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon them). Various close companions of our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAWW) are also buried there.

  Built by various prophets

As mentioned earlier, this masjid has been constructed and reconstructed a number of times by a number of Prophets. The prominent names of Prophets who participated in construction and reconstruction of Masjid al Aqsa are Yaqoob, Ibrahim, and Sulayman (A.S).

For the whole Muslim community, this place is of utmost esteem. Many Muslims choose to visit this majid when they go to perform Umrah. At present, it is under Jordanian and Palestinian Islamic Waqf administration.






When we talk about a few delightful rituals of our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), performing Umrah comes to our mind. Millions of Muslims from all over the globe choose to perform Umrah. Muslims from all countries visit Saudi Arabia to perform this spiritual voyage and to achieve its rewards. When the Muslims perform umrah with the love, desire, intensity, and gratitude, Allah Almighty promises you to give a lot in return. Performing Umrah is one of those deeds in your life that purifies your soul and mind.

Guest of Allah Almighty

Umrah proffers you the greatest chance in your life to be the guest of the Creator of this Universe. We are going to please the Greatest King of all Kingdoms. We choose to spend our time as well as money, and He then treats us the best way by giving us a lot of blessings from His treasure. We feel like the most blessed person in the whole world. Being His guest gives us the strange feeling of peace and satisfaction.

Compensation for sins

As per nature, we commit a lot of sins in our life. Umrah proffers us the chance to remove all of them. It cleanses our mind, the body as well as the soul. We get rid of the burden of our sins we committed in the past. Allah Almighty promises you to make your body and soul like a newly born child after performing Umrah, which is free of any sins.

Strengthen Eman

In fact, today we are so much lost in our busy lives. Our aim is just to earn and feed our families in the best way. In this hustle bustle, we commit many sins on a regular basis, even without being aware of them. Performing Umrah just for Allah Almighty, with the pure and genuine intentions, strengthens our Eman. When we fulfill this holiest ritual without making any error, we get closer to Allah Almighty. We are just like ordinary Human Being without the strong Eman. Strong Eman is the most pleasant thing for the Muslims. It makes us a good human being for Allah Almighty in this world and the next one.

Removes poverty

Performing Umrah, which is the most beautiful Sunnah of our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and one of the great acts of worship, eliminates the poverty from your house for your entire life. When you decide to spend money for the sake of Allah, He promises you to multiply it many times for you. It is also mentioned in Quran that performing umrah not only purifies your soul, but Allah Almighty removes poverty form your life. As the Muslims from all around the world come to Saudi Arabia by spending a significant amount of money just to seek forgiveness and to please the Allah Almighty, so He rewards you with a lot of wealth in return, other than His countless blessings.

Equivalent to jihad

Allah Almighty is the greatest creator. He promises to bless you a lot when you follow Him and Holly Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).As a Muslim, we are well aware of the fact that the jihad isn’t of one type. Moreover, we are aware of the significance of jihad too. The vitality of Jihad is mentioned in Quran many times, i.e., its reward is martyrdom. The most amazing thing about performing Umrah is that it is equivalent to Jihad. This is how Allah Almighty and our Deen Islam proffer us countless blessings in a variety of forms.
As a Muslim, we feel honored when we go to Saudi Arabia for the sake of performing Hajj or Umrah. May Allah Almighty ease the task of performing this great ritual for all of us so that we could go there and enjoy its benefits. All of us want to be the guest of that Greatest Creator. May Allah give us the strength (Ameen).

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